Deepa Nagarajan

Deepa Nagarajan


After being a dedicated veteran in the corporate world for more than 25 years, an entire silver jubilee, all the appreciation, recognition and remuneration began to feel like a distant flash of faint light when compared to the unfulfilled potential I believed was still left in me. I knew that potential deserved to be unleashed in the creative dynamics that my mind had long envisioned. It was then I decided to QUIT on the pre-chalked out route and begin my journey of turning my unfulfilled potential into my driving force for success, originality and a unique contribution. Of course, I could never consult Independently for the numerous enquiries I used to receive back in late 2000’s when I was first introduced and dabbled with OKRs…but I gradually made it my field of expertise. I couldn’t consult because of my engagement in high-flying roles across several MNC’s over those years. 

But the desire remained until one day it struck me that a job and the fear of temporary uncertainties, and instabilities are a despicable excuse to suppress a potential that can create a hallmark for intellectual property and skills that can vastly benefit several organisations and leaders.

That is when I called it quits with the little-longer-than-a-silver jubilee hustle in the corporate world and breathed the freedom to create, as I stood above a canopy of possibilities and opportunities. 

Fast-forward today, that decision has given me the standing of one of top OKR specialists in India, EMEA and APAC, engaging with several organisations, startups, and government bodies. Shaping their success stories, bringing in innovative frameworks that transform organisations and bring in clarity has been the fruit of my work and decision. It brings me happiness to see organisations succeed when an implementation project completes and that feeling is worth the risk, the initial fear, and every single time doubt was done away with.

Don’t ever doubt yourself. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Ever!