Precise. Organised. Committed

Dr. Deepa Nagarajan

A highly experienced leader with over 29 years of multi-industry experience in management and leadership roles at various multinational corporations. She is the founder and CEO of DEEPA NAGARAJAN LLP which owns multiple business brands like Calyber, Krama and OKR League.

• Across 15 industries and 6 countries • Over 4600+ hours of OKR coaching and Consulting • 6880+ hours of OKR Checkins and counting • 64 multi-stage successful OKR implementation projects across the globe •OKR Implementations spanning a cumulative of 90 man-months

Deepa’s expertise in brand management, diversity management, and entrepreneurial
skills is sought after by leading management institutes across the country. Mentored by
renowned personalities and experts like Dr. David Wolf, Deepa has worked with top
leaders and women professionals from around the globe.
Her bestselling book on women leadership, “WOMEN ON BOARD,” has won critical
acclaim, and she is working on several other books now.
Deepa is passionate about helping organizations build diverse, well-trained workforces
that can take on bigger, cross-functional roles and leadership positions while keeping
individual development goals intact.

Deepa is a visiting professor at Narsee Monjee and teaches brand management and
diversity management. She has also conducted workshops on entrepreneurial skills at
IFIM. Her unique OKR implementation methodology, TRICEA©, has helped complete 55
multi-stage OKR implementations for startups to Fortune 500 companies across nine
industries in four countries. Deepa is the first and only consultant working on OKR
implementation for government departments, government bodies, and NGOs.Her
unmatched expertise in OKR implementation and her ability to understand the big
picture, and micro-lacunae have helped her lead over 6300+ hours of OKR check-ins.
As an extended part of your organization, Deepa ensures that your OKR program is well-
tailored, leveraging your own organization’s strengths/established processes and
standard OKR best practices. Her upcoming book on OKRs and the secrets of best
alignment strategy in the organization is eagerly awaited.


Deepa holds a Master’s degree in Management of IT and IT enabled services from the
University at Buffalo, USA, and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems
from Amrita School of Business. She is working on her doctoral dissertation in Human
and Cultural Relationship management. Deepa Nagarajan’s unique approach to
consultancy and her ability to lead organizations through complex changes have earned
her recognition as a Phenomenal Women Achiever at the World Congress of Women
2019. Connect with Deepa Nagarajan today to take the first step in transforming your

A word from the founder and CEO

“I believe development of four key human intelligences and the underlying service orientation of the mind and existence are the key to disruptive developments in leadership and to help put these thoughts and ideas into result-oriented action, I founded Deepa Nagarajan LLP. Read more about my well-designed programs, customized each time to fit a new audience and new requirement. I use several, proven tools and methodologies in my workshops.I work with various corporates on development of enabled, emotionally intelligent workforce, helping the participants in general and women in particular, to take on greater leadership roles. I’d love to talk to you on how you can take these gifts of life, available to each one of us, with both your hands…”