Transformative Leadership Consulting and Coaching

When you are trying to build your organization with the right funnel of leadership layers, it is important to get this part of your organizational strategy right. Identifying the leaders with the right mindset and attitudes to lead the organizational growth in future, is very critical. We recommend that you curate your leadership programs well and follow well-researched methods to identify the right participants in different levels of leadership.

Many times, this needs an amalgamation of individual coaching, group coaching, and workshop approach to drive home the key points and inspire the participants to take action to initiate the self-transformation. This self-driven approach snow balls into a positive organizational transformation when such outcome based programs become a part of your Sustained Learning Initiatives.

Typically, such Leadership Intervention Programs run for several months and combine workshop model as well as personalized individual coaching sessions. Few of the skill sessions we run along with theatre-based workshops, are: