OKR Consulting and Coaching

Welcome to the world of OKRs! The simplest yet frequently failed Strategic Goal Management Framework. Am an OKR Specialist who works as an extended part of your organisation, understand the big picture, and the micro- lacunae which you may not have considered but could be an impediment to OKR success 

We have a unique OKR implementation methodology called TRICEA© which
addresses all the gaps and issues in OKR implementation and takes into account the main challenges faced by businesses. There are several organizations who approach us for OKR Services. As a norm, most of them have heard about OKRs, some have also read about them. We wish we could say that theoretical knowledge about something really as simple as OKRs is enough to implement it successfully.

If that were true, we would not have had high failure rates of OKR Projects. Our own research in India has proven that 30% of organizations drop out after 1 quarter, 74% of them after 2 quarter and 90% after 3 qtrs. This is not because OKRs are complex; it only requires right architecting of the OKR approach which is suited to your individual organization.

Our complete list of OKR Services are given below: 

Visit our dedicated OKR Consulting and Coaching Platform - www.okrleague.com to know more about OKRs in depth, read our whitepapers and research artcicles and learn how OKRs can be tailored to fit your organisation.