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OKR as a Business Strategy during Uncertain Times

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Deepa Nagarajan emerges as the leading business veteran in OKR consulting space


Business Growth in the Post-Pandemic World Using OKRs

Meet Dr. Deepa Nagarajan

Dr. Deepa Nagarajan is a highly experienced leader with over 29 years of multi-industry experience in management and leadership roles at various multinational corporations. She is the founder and CEO of DEEPA NAGARAJAN LLP which owns multiple business brands Calyber, Krama and OKR League.

Deepa Nagarajan LLP is a multi-disciplinary, boutique consulting firm that works closely with startups, corporates, colleges/universities in areas of:

●Growth strategy consulting,
●OKR and OGSM consulting,
●Organizational design and development,
●Process design and re-engineering, Performance management design
●Design thinking applications,
●Leadership development and DEI Initiatives

Our Services

With a proven track record of success, we have partnered with several organisations across more than 10 industries to deliver results in the areas of growth planning, goal setting, strategy execution, and operations

Our mission: Growth, Performance and Excellence for all our partnering clients

At Deepa Nagarajan LLP, we are committed to fostering a culture of growth and transformation to deliver essential solutions that yield measurable results consistently in your organisational environment.

Join us on this journey towards growth and success.

In the field of growth strategy, performance and people management, consulting is only a starting point . What you need is a practical and result-oriented coach who:

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